Antonio López holding the microphone for a child at The Harker School

Economic Development

In San Mateo County, we drive the innovation economy, but too many of us are left out of that economic success. Antonio will fight to bring everyone along by advocating for fair wages, implementing workforce development programs, and creating opportunities for everyone to thrive economically. Antonio will also work to improve the lives of small business owners, who are vital to building a vibrant San Mateo County.
Antonio López standing next to floodwaters from a storm in January 2023


With funds from Measure K, the county is already doing important infrastructure work. On the Board of Supervisors, Antonio will ensure the County uses these funds equitably and effectively; he’ll build more parks, expand emergency infrastructure, and make public transit accessible to all of us. Antonio will also work to ensure the County is making necessary investments in climate infrastructure to address issues like sea-level rise.
Antonio López speaking at a press conference about COVID-19

Public Safety

One of the biggest tasks of local government is making sure that people feel safe in our community. At the county level, Antonio will do more to prioritize public safety: he’ll keep our community safe from the dangers of fentanyl, he will continue his work on eliminating sex trafficking, and he will make our streets safe for pedestrians and bikers. He’ll do this by funding community policing and supporting youth programs, all while working on criminal justice reform.
Antonio López posing with a group at a street fair


Antonio believes that the best way to make housing affordable is to build more of it for people at all income levels. He’ll make sure that San Mateo County meets the need for more housing and fulfills state requirements. And Antonio will work to fulfill our moral obligation of housing our essential workers—like teachers, firefighters, police officers, and bus drivers.

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